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Stop acting like a fool.
No words can turn back time.
That awkward face and things you do.
Only proves you still love me too.

Hush. Shut your mouth.
No one asked for your reply.
Silly kids are we no more.
Just kiss me now and say the fuck goodbye.

Kiss me like you did the first time.
That quick stolen kiss of goodbye.
A trespass I willingly succumbed.
A moment that until now have lived by.

One sudden tingly current
-it threatened to collapse my stance.
One moment, even less than a moment,
My bones have crushed to to the ground.

Kiss me now but don’t stay forever.
We had our chance but oh, whatever.
Just kiss me now, we’ll soon get over
The pains and torment when we’re together.

***for the man who changed my life in a fraction of a second. I Love You Goodbye.