Weekly Photo Challenge: (BIG) She Lives for Another Day

Roughly a hundred. Too little to some, too little for me. WAS too little, until that day.

Behind this is a story…

This is Philippine money. Counting to what we would call sixty pesos. Barely enough for a day. Would do just fine for a meal. For me though, it was my life for another day. Possibly, a week.

Only a little of us here in the blogging community would appreciate what little money this is. To some, it may just be the cost of their manicure. To some, a snack. To some, just something that is not too grand.

The past weeks for me has been dreadful. Every meal is a struggle. Every peso counts. Just one peso, and I’d have a candy. Two, and I’d have a bread.

Finding this 60 peso hidden on my pocket after cleaning off the house to pass time and find money, is like finding water in never never. It is more than big, it is GRAND.

But far more worse, was the heartache it had brought. Far worse than my outraged stomach.

please refer to previous blog post for the long story.